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Subject: Dutch song about a fairytale forest
(14 maart 2021)

Dear Rozemarijn,

I'm searching for a Dutch children's song about a magic forest or fairytale forest, the residence of the king of the elves or fairies blah blah and his queen blah blah. I forgot their names etc., although I remember the sound /u/ (/oe/ in Dutch).

It was all very fairy-like, wondrous and mysterious. I remember the melody very clearly, but not the words, only very vague.

I'n 67 years old now and emigrated to Canada when I was 29. My parents stayed in the Netherlands and have passed away for quite some time now. I'm an only child, so I have nobody who might remember this.

It would be so marvellous to find the lyrics again...

Much thanks in advance!

Ellen (Canada).

Answer     (15 maart 2021)

Dear Ellen,

It's very hard to find back a song, without some of the verses, preferably the first line. I don't know this song myself. But it vaguely reminds me of an earlier question in my guestbook, about a 'forest with gnomes'.

That starts with: 'Do you know where the little gnomes live?' and the refrain mentions a king and queen with their names: 'Voskabojaba is their king / Viskajobina is their queen'.

Maybe you can check this earlier message in our guestbook:

A sung version of this song can be found in the Dutch Song Database:

In any case, this it not a well-known, traditional Dutch chidren's song. That would be easier to find online. This sounds more like a song on a record or a single - in that case, only people who also owned that record as a child, will recognise it. So I'm afraid it will be a difficult quest.

If it's not the song about the forest of the gnomes, then I'll add your question in my guestbook, as soon as I update my website again. Maybe we're lucky.

With kind regards from a drizzly Netherland,


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Answer     (15 maart 2021)

Dear Rozemarijn,

I'm in tears (I don't know why, maybe it was a song my father used to sing for me) because THAT is the song!!!

I'm perplexed that you've found it at once! Brilliant!!

And you thought that it would be difficult... Yes, for a database or a computer. But this was your own database in your head, it was familiar to you. Wow...

Thank you so much!

Elves, fairies... so it were gnomes! That /oe/-sound was an /o/-sound. It shows how your memory can shift things over the years.

I couldn't remember any of the words, and don't recognize them, hearing them now. The melody, the recording of those ladies, sounded a bit 'flat' to me, compared to what I remember, with a bit more variation, more notes. They sing it together, so they probably will have learned it that way.

If I find the courage, I will sing and record the whole song with the melody as I remember it, if that would be helpfull for you.

With the kindest regards (from a dreary but snow covered Ontario, Canada).


Answer     (16 maart 2021)

Dear Ellen,

I'm really so very glad for you, that this was the song you were looking for! Music can bring back so many memories, so I can imagine you get tears in your eyes.

As a matter of fact, it could very well be that the version of your father actually did include the word 'fairytale forest' ('sprookjesbos') and that the names surely enough did have an /oe/-sound. Everyone sings a song slightly different, both lyrics and melody, and the song in the recording isn't 'better' or 'worse' than the version you remember - it's simple a slightly different version.

Besides the version in my guestbook; and the recording in the Dutch Song Databes (a research institute in Amsterdam); I could find one more verion with google, in someone's weblog. I send you the link at the bottom of this mail.

If you get round to recording an mp3, please send it to me, then I'll add the melody as you remember it, to my guestbook.

Well, Ellen, I thought it would be a very, very small chance that this was the right song - just because the lyrics spoke of a 'king' and a 'queen' with their names... But I'm glad I brought it to your attention anyway.

Enjoy all the beautifyl memories you have and of course enjoy singing the song again!

With kind regards,


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