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Subject: Song about soldiers and song about a bird
(22 december 2017)


I have searched your site for two old Dutch songs my grandmother taught me. One I still remember about a soldier who slipped in the rain and the pots and pans were out collecting, rain bc the roof was leaking. Do you know the name of this song? It sounds like this:

'It raichen, it raichen, dee punaches vor a noot / Tuns cum ein soldachen, hie feile up sa chut'.

The other I can't remember all the words in Dutch, but I do remember the tune. It is about a small bird that lands on a window sill when it is cold outside and the mother lets it inside and feeds it sugar and breadcrumbs. It goes something like this:

'Vogel sie klein tick up die room, tick tick tick / Let meiter in, Let meiter in'.

My grandmother has been gone a long time. She immigrated to America via Ellis Island around 1911. She was born in 1891. I no longer remember any Dutch except these two songs she taught me. Thanks for your help.


Answer     (23 december 2017)

Hi Gayle,

I understand how hard is it to find a song if you'r not sure of the spelling (searching sometimes for Spanish songs myself).

The second song you name is easy recognizable. It's a well-known children's song about a cold redbreast (robin), 'Roodborstje tikt tegen 't raam, tin tin tin / Laat mij er in, laat mij erin'.

Roodborstje tikt tegen 't raam
(the last song on this page)

Jan Goeverneur wrote it in 1837, but it's still sung today. Most children's songs have many versions, so the song your grandmother sung, could be slightly different from my version. For example: I have a 'girl' who opens the window, you write about a 'mother' ('moeder'); I know 'redbreast', you write 'bird'; my mother sang 'tin tin tin', but probably your grandmother sang 'tik tik tik'.

Then the first song you name. It sounds a bit like the children's song 'Het regent, het regent / de pannetjes worden nat' (It's raining / the roofs are getting wet). But in this very short song, the soldiers don't use pots and pans. Maybe it was a second verse, I do not know. It also can be confusion, because the Dutch word 'pan' can both mean 'pan/pot' (to cook in) and 'roof tile' ('dakpan' or in short 'pan').

Het regent, het regent / de pannetjes worden nat
(halfway the page, in light blue)

I tried to find a longer version in the Dutch Song Database, but found 55 versions and didn't see a version with 2 verses so far.

If the song on my website is not the song you remember, let me know, I'll search a bit more for you.

You can see, for the many versions in the scientific Database, that it is a wide-spread and well-known (funny) children's song. It's still sung today.

I hope, Gayle, that you found what you were looking for. I understand how important old songs can be, because music strongly brings back memories. I hope, being able to sing these complete songs again, brings you many good memories of your grandmother.

I wish you the best, with kind regards,

Rozemarijn.  ('rosemary')

Dutch songs with English translation  (

Answer     (24 december 2017)


Thank you very much for your quick and kind response. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and I am very pleased with this information.

Have a wonderful holiday,


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