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Subject: Song about a grinding stone
(5 oktober 2017)

Good morning,

I am looking for the words to a Dutch song that my late husband taught me many years ago. It's one he learned as a boy growing up in Holland (his name was Frans van D--).

It's about a little man who goes from door to door to sharpen the knives of the frau. The kids all come to watch because they like the spinning of the sharpening wheel. I can phonetically type the words I remember. This may or may not help.

"Compt frenden enden ronda who ick von schlypers wheel / Der cost ver dent for frau and kint, Sloan bloat hestelt for veer and vent / Ter lera tum ter la / Von linksome recksome ... mein a skein, dor eck veron ah mein skein."

Then you make the sound of the wheel spinning.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Lynette.

Answer     (7 oktober 2017)

Dear Lynette,

Yes, I know this song about the grinder and his grindstone (or grinding stone) very well and the lines you wrote down are really recognizable. You can find the complete lyrics and (sheet) music on my website:

Komt vrienden in het ronden / Minnaars van enen stiel
(second half of the page, in blue).

Or, with translation in English:
Song about grinder and grinding stone or grindstone
(second song, in purple).

It is a really old folk song, from the 18th century, and was very well-known in till around the first half of the 20th.

I understand how hard it is to find a text when you're not sure of the spelling. I hope this song brings back many good memories of your husband. Music and feelings are so close connected.

All the best to you, Lynette, with kind regards,

Rozemarijn.  ('rosemary')

Dutch songs with English translation  (

Answer     (8 oktober 2017)

Oh my gawd! You were able to understand my horrible phonetically spelled words. You are amazing!!

Thank you so much for finding this for me. I hadn't thought of this song for many years and lately have been singing it and trying to get the words right.

This just makes my day. You are wonderful!

A very sincere thank you,


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