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Subject: Song about Belgium
(27 november 2016)


I was delighted to come across your section Dutch Songs with translation on while trying to work out the attitude which Het Goede Doel had towards België. Fortunately they did not, it seems, fall back on the old Dutch stereotype of the Belgians.

In my youth the British used to have the same sort of contempt for the Irish, mercifully long-since vanished due to 'political correctness' and the 'Irish troubles'.

I will make sure is linked from where I am always very active and always interested in the contributions from our Dutch members.

Best wishes, Julian.

Answer     (29 november 2016)

Hello Julian,

thank you for your compliments for my website DutchSongs!

It's true that the song 'Belgium' is very positive about our 'southern neighbours' - as the best place to find shelter. Of course there is some neighbour rivalry between the Netherlands and Belgium, and some jokes go back and forth, but we also share a lot of history, culture, our language and friendship.

I assume you have Dutch family, so you know some Dutch songs? I started this English part of my website (with translations of the most well-known songs) after I tried to find some Swedisch children's songs, but didn't understand a word on those websites, not even how to navigate. And in European history, the traditional children's and folk songs influenced each other and traveled over language borders. That's why I added the subdomain with some English translations to my website - my English is not perfect, but at least understandable. ;-)

Thank you for adding my link to the website 45worlds, it's a great website to find facts about vinyl albums!

Thank for your message!

With kind regards, hartelijke groeten,

Rozemarijn.  ('rosemary')

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